Valentine, You Make My Heart Glow

Glowstick Valentines are quick, easy and inexpensive to make. I saw several versions of these on pinterest last year. Here is one that caught my eye:


…and I wanted to make something similar for my younger daughter. I downloaded the file from, added panda graphics (from Pandemonium Kit by Mindy Terasawa) and manipulated the text and layout a little in Illustrator. The glowstick bracelets were purchased at Michaels. Here is the final result:


I made a PDF out of the Illustrator file I set up to print five Valentines on one sheet of cardstock (see photo of single uncut sheet of cardstock above). The PDF contains all of the crop marks, cutting lines, and hole punch locations that you’ll need to make these Valentines. Click on the following button to download the file: