Felt Costume: Bag of m&m’s

Of the three costumes I made for Halloween, the m&m costume for my older daughter took me the longest to make. There were many pieces to trace, cut, and glue. Almost all of the pieces, including the m&m’s logo, were first designed in Illustrator then printed out onto card stock. The cardstock was then cut, the pieces traced onto felt, then the felt was cut and glued onto the costume. It was like paper piecing, except with felt rather than paper. A permanent marker was used to add shading and detail to the red m&m guy on the front.

The nutrition label and the bar code on the back of the costume was first designed in Illustrator then printed onto inkjet transfer paper. They were then ironed on and transferred to white cotton fabric.

To add a little color to the costume, I made five m&m pillows of various colors, sewed them together, and added a ribbon handle for easy carrying.


51 thoughts on “Felt Costume: Bag of m&m’s

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  2. My six children and I have to dress up as something sweet for our school’s spirt week. Would love to go as a bag of M&Ms and they the 6 color 🙂
    Could I please get this PDF so I can make my costume and the M for theirs?
    Thanks !!

  3. Hi Monique!

    Your costume is great! Would you be interested in making a costume for my daughter please?
    😊🙏🏻 kindly let me know and thank you!

    • Hi Kim…I apologize, but I am not making costumes at this time, but thank you for your kind words and your inquiry. If you are interested in making the costume, I can e-mail you the PDF for the large “m&m” text and the red m&m character.

  4. I have made very large versions of your pillows for costumes, but I LOVE you m&m graphics you put together for the bag of M&M’s This year my daughter wants to be the bag of M&M’s and the rest of the family will be various M&M’s that fell out of the bag ( I think I should be the bag since the kids did “fall” out of me, but she is set on her idea) Would you be willing to sent me a pdf of the bag graphics? monicas_thing@hotmail.com If you can, thank you so much. Great job.

  5. Omg! love this costume. I’ve been looking all over for the wrapper costume and no one carries it! If possible could I also have the PDF file sent to me? You did an amazing job, I just wish I was as talented as you :). bluetrtl@yahoo.com

  6. This costume is so great! If possible, could you please send the PDF to me for the large “M&M” text and the red M&M character? I would really appreciate it!

  7. Love this costume! I want to make 2 – a plain and peanut M&M’s bag. Can you send me the PDF for the M&M’s letters? Thank you!

  8. Could you send me the off for the prints on the package? Thank you in advance. Adorable!


  9. The costume is so great! If possible, could you please send the file/PDF to me for the large M&M text and the red M&M character and the nutrition label and the bar code. I would really appreciate it! My son wants to be an m&m bag for halloween this year. Thanks!!! kathyv154@gmail.com

  10. Hi there,
    Trying to make this for my son and would be so appreciative if I could get the PDF for the entire costume.
    Thank you!!

  11. Hi, I LOVE your costume! I am a teacher. This would be perfect for my team and I to wear next year. Can you please send me the pdf for the bag and the pillows? Thank you so much!

  12. Hi i am going to try and make these for my little family for Halloween this year. Could you please email me all the pdfs you have? Also where u got the other stuff from that u dont have the pdf for?

    • Hello Jontel…attached are three PDFs for the m&m costume – one for the large m&m text, one for the red m&m guy, and one for the pillows. I have also attached the three files for the nutrition facts label (they are already set up backwards, ready to print onto iron-on transfer paper). Have fun making the costume! Let me know if you have any problems with the files. I would appreciate if you did not distribute them…thanks! – Kimmie Lee

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      • Are you able to email me the pdf’s for all the pieces of the bag costume? Thank you so much!

  13. Hi ! Could you please send me the PDFs for the large m&m text, one for the red m&m guy, and one for the pillows. Thank you so much. This costume is adorable.

  14. Hi! I’m in LOVE with this costume! My daughter wants to be a bag of M&Ms for Halloween. Could you please send me the pdf of everything. I’m in AWE. Im afraid it won’t come out quite as awesome as yours, but I sure would love to try! Thanks so much!

  15. So many years later and this costume is still grabbing attention. 🙂 I would be so grateful if you would share the pdf’s of the designs for the costume. My son is dying to be this for Halloween!! Thanks so much! sdiamond75@yahoo.com

  16. Hi! This is awesome! Would love it also if you could share the pdfs of the design of the costume. Please let me know if you’re still sharing it! Thank you SO much in advance!!

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