Happy Halloween 2012!

This year was the first time I made Halloween costumes for my three kids. Going from making one costume to three was a big leap. It was a lot of work and a bunch of late nights this past week, but the smiles on the kids’ faces made it worthwhile (note to self: next year, start working on costumes in September!).

My son is enamored with the iPhone and all the millions of apps at your fingertips, so, naturally, he wanted to be an iPhone for Halloween. I used a black foam core board for the base and covered it with cellophane to give it the glossy, shiny look of the phones. My son drew the icons (he picked his favorite apps, of course). The Apple logo and text on the back side and the power button on the front side were cut on my Silhouette Cameo.

The m&m bag costume is constructed similar to the Hershey’s bar costume I made last year. For the red guy on the front, I scanned in and magnified the red m&m, traced the pieces in Illustrator, printed and cut them out, and traced the pieces onto felt.

I used a McCall’s pattern to make my daughter’s witch costume (note to self: if a pattern is labeled as an “EASY! 2-hour costume,” it will actually take me 6 hours to make). I love the fabrics my daughter and I chose…the black tunic is covered with a flocked spiderweb pattern, while the silky purple material on the inside of the cape is covered with subtle sparkles and small stars.


4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2012!

  1. Kimmie!! I somehow stumbled onto your blog =) and I am so glad. The kids look great! It has been AGES since we have seen you. I am so glad to see that you are still creating…your work is amazing!! We should get together! Melita =)

  2. The M&M costume looks very familiar! I remember the Hershey’s costume from many years ago. I think there’s a picture in one of my albums at my folks’ house!

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