Dog Days

After our dog passed away last April at the ripe old age of 14, we were so certain we would not have a dog again for a while, if ever. With three kids growing up quickly and time becoming an ever precious commodity in our household, we really didn’t think we could open our hearts to another dog. In fact, we were sure we would not have a pet of any type. If it walked, crawled, hopped, wriggled, swam, or breathed, we would have none of it. We donated our remaining doggie supplies and didn’t think twice about it.

Never say never…

On Thanksgiving weekend last year, about seven months after our dog had passed, a furry 58 pound white Labrador Retriever named Jasmine bounded into our home and into our hearts. Her gentle, happy nature brings a simple joy and love into our household. Now we can’t imagine life without her.


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