One for the books…

For the past few years I have produced a small booklet around Christmas time to send to family and friends. The booklet contains photos and much of the same information that people write in an annual holiday newsletter, but it is in a mini book format. This annual family booklet has become somewhat of a tradition; this will be fourth one I have put together. I have streamlined the process over the years, but a lot of handwork is still involved (i.e., cutting, stapling, gluing the cover components together, stuffing envelopes, etc.).

I am running a bit late on the 2007 edition…today I just received the inside pages for the booklet from the print shop and will be assembling the booklet and preparing the mailing in the next week (with my mom’s help – thanks, mom!). I will try to post some pictures of the booklet once it is assembled. In the meantime, below is the picture I drew for this year’s front cover. I scanned in my black and white illustration and colored it in Photoshop.



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